Come aumentare le visite al tuo sito, blog, portale…

Come aumentare le visite al tuo sito, blog, portale… E’ la domanda focale sul web. Vediamo allora cosa consigliano nella grande rete! Una piccola e, certamente, non esaustiva guida per farsi ”conoscere” nel fantastico mondo di internet! Per il buon “zio Traffyk” non devi fare altro che scrivere un articolo intitolato ”Come aumentare le visite al tuo sito, blog, portale”… … Continua a leggere

Sid Player

Category: Music Price: $1.99 Released: Dec 15, 2008 Size: 1.5 MB Seller: Michael Lauer Application description Easter-Special: Get this app for ONLY 1,99$ (regular price 2,99$) during the whole easter weekend! More reduced apps are available under! Sid Player brings you the sound of the Commodore C64 to your iPhone and the iPod Touch. Enjoy game classics such as … Continua a leggere


Category: Entertainment Price: $0.99 Released: Jan 19, 2009 Size: 2.6 MB Seller: Jormy Pty Ltd Application description iShake is now not free. The money from the sales will be used towards rewarding world record breakers. Only youtube videos are accepted as proof. Jormy pty ltd reserves the right to change the terms and conditions anytime. ———– Shake the bottle to … Continua a leggere


Category: Utilities Price: $5.99 Released: Jan 08, 2009 Size: 0.3 MB Seller: Dan Romik Application description Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless multi-touch trackpad, keyboard and fully customizable remote control for your PC or Mac! Snatch is a remote control app and MUCH MORE. It will also turn your touch device into a fantastic desktop accessory. Some … Continua a leggere


Category: Games Price: $2.99 Released: Jul 01, 2008 Size: 1.3 MB Seller: Carl Loodberg Application description **** SALE: 57% off! **** The classic labyrinth game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. Download and play over 1000 levels and more as they are created by the community. Features: -Download new levels directly from within the game. … Continua a leggere

Black Book

Category: Social Networking Price: $1.99 Released: Apr 07, 2009 Size: 2.5 MB Seller: Kevin Hamilton Application description ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME TO CELEBRATE v2.0!! Vurgood Apps, the creator’s of iWrecked, has revolutionized the little black book. Black Book is the hottest way to quickly enter and store the contact information and private photos for anyone you meet at … Continua a leggere

Starmap Pro

Category: Reference Price: $18.99 Released: Mar 20, 2009 Size: 57.1 MB Seller: Frederic Descamps                             Application description Discover the power of a professional sky atlas in the palm of your hand. Point telescopes easily on faint objects using the eyepiece mode. Prepare your observations with the automatic … Continua a leggere

Sally’s Spa

Sally’s Spa Games Cafe Inc. Category: Games Price: $2.99 Released: Apr 08, 2009 Size: 31.9 MB Seller: Games Cafe Inc. Latest version: 1.1 Application description ———————————————————– Just Released on April 8th! INTRODUCTORY PRICE $2.99! Price will change to $4.99 on Apr 30th. ———————————————————– See why millions of players have made Sally’s Spa the best selling casual game for PC/Mac” and … Continua a leggere